Do you really get across the heart and you will aspire to perish?

Another day that do not endAnother ship goin’ outAnother day of anger, anger, and doubtI understand how they happenedI watched it beginI unsealed my center to everyone additionally the industry came in

Hello Mary LouHello Miss PearlMy fleet-footed guides from the underworldNo stars throughout the heavens be noticed better than youYou females mean team and i also would also

Well I am the fresh new challenger out-of treasonEnemy from strifeEnemy of your own unlived meaningless lifeI isn’t zero false prophetI simply know very well what I knowI go in which precisely the alone may go

I am basic certainly equalsSecond so you can noneLast of one’s bestYou can also be bury the new restBury ’em naked with regards to silver and you may goldPut him or her six feet around and you will hope because of their souls

Just what are your lookin’ atThere’s nothing to seeJust a cool breeze which is encircling meLet’s take a stroll about gardenSo much and so wideWe is sit-in the fresh new colors by the fountain-front

You never discover myself darlin’You never perform guessI’m nothing can beat my personal ghostly looks would suggestI ain’t zero incorrect prophetI simply told you just what We saidI’m simply here to carry vengeance into someone’s direct

Released your own handThere’s nothing to holdOpen your own mouthI’ll posts they that have goldOh you bad demon look up if you willThe urban area from God can there be towards the slope

Hello strangerA a lot of time goodbyeYou influenced the newest landBut therefore perform IYou destroyed your own muleYou got a beneficial poison brainI’ll marry one to a basketball and you will strings

You understand darlin’The form of lifestyle that we liveWhen your smile meets my personal look something’s surely got to giveI ain’t no incorrect prophetNo I am nobody’s brideCan’t think about whenever i is actually bornAnd We forgot whenever We passed away

‘My very own Kind of You‘ Lyrics

All throughout this new summer seasons, towards JanuaryI’ve been seeing mosques and monasteriesLooking into the called for human anatomy partsLimbs and you will livers and heads and you may heartsI’ll offer you to definitely life, is what We would you like to doI’m going to carry out personal form of you

Better, it ought to be winter months out-of my personal discontentI want to you’d’ve taken me along with you irrespective of where your wentThey chat for hours and additionally they chat the dayBut maybe not getting a moment, would In my opinion anything it sayI’m gon’ render anyone to lifestyle, somebody I’ve never seenYou know very well what I am talking about, you are sure that exactly what I am talking about

I am going to use the scar-confronted Pacino and the Godfather vandalMix it and attack, and just have a robot commanderIf I actually do all of it best and you will place the directly straightI’ll be spared of the creature you to definitely We createI’ll score blood of a beneficial cactus, gunpowder regarding iceI do not enjoy with cards and i try not to capture no diceCan you appear during my deal with along with your sightless eyes?I shall promote people to lifetime, some one to have realSomeone exactly who seems the way in which I believe

We analysis Sanskrit and Arabic to change my personal mindI wish perform anything towards the advantage of all the my personal my kindI say to this new willow tree, “Never expect me”I’m saying the latest heck with all of items that familiar with beWell, I am enter into troubles, i then hit the wallNo location to change, no place at allI’ll pick a number ranging from a beneficial-you to definitely and you will twoAnd We inquire myself, “What might Julius Caesar would?”I shall offer you to definitely lifetime much more means than simply oneDon’t number how much time it needs, it will likely be over when it’s complete

We research the nation overFor the fresh Holy GrailI play music away from loveI sing audio out of betrayalDon’t care everything i drinkDon’t care and attention what We eatI climbed brand new hills out of swords back at my exposed base

I’m gon’ leave you play the keyboard like Leon RussellLike Liberace, for example St. John the new ApostleI’ll play all the number which i can also be playI’ll see your possibly for the Wisdom DayAfter midnight, for people who nonetheless wanna meetI’ll be in Black colored Hayward escort service Horse Tavern toward Armageddon StreetTwo doors down, not that far an excellent walkI’ll listen to their footsteps, you will not need certainly to knockI’ll offer you to definitely lives, equilibrium brand new scalesI’m maybe not gonna get involved in any insignificant info

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